Getting my hopes up!

As i was browsing my friend’s blog I began to remember it again. the thing that haunts me the most. I’m turning twenty in about a month and as i introspect my life, i realized that i am still in the comfort zone. I only need one hand to count all the major events in my life. I’ve never experienced riding a plane, or jump into other countries, never experienced camping and so many things that i should’ve already fulfill when i was still a kid. I am turning twenty and I’ll be carrying responsibilities, i hope this won’t mean that I will never be able to do the things that I want. I know this rant is opposite of what I’ve written before. Yes I keep on reminding myself that stick on the positive side, remember the good things and reflects on the good ones. I always wait for the opportunity, I always wait for the external forces to give my desired things. But i have to wake up. I’m turning twenty and i need to get my butt up!! I am turning twenty and i need to work on to have the initiative and stop hesitating!