Maybe. Mayber not?

A book that got my attention last Sunday. Parehas kami ng naisip ng writer na ‘to! Dati and dami kong naiisip na mga kasabihan, principles na halos different poles and mga pinaglalaban.

Always follow rules.

Think outside the box.

Kaloka diba.

Just like other Psychologists and theorists who have their own life experiences where techniques and principles originated, I also have my own How to improve the “matter” of your personality.

Divine omnipotent

I had my asian civilization subject last semester, wherein I really didn’t enjoy until the last day. My professor would always require us to read her 200+ slides in one night and be ready for a long quiz right after. Homework is worse than writing a novel; we were instructed to write it in yellow pad with a minimum of 5 pages. So I have no choice but to read everything.. This is the history.

I learned that there are still lots of religions aside from many religions that I already know. Everything is mirrored to each other, same concept, same idea, same goal it’s just differs in names, practices and traditions. But they all believe that there is DIVINE OMNIPOTENT who made us all, who is the reason why we breathe and the giver of genuine peace.

I believe in God (or whatever your God’s name), that He is there and at the end of the day we will all return to Him. I bet that we all felt the strange feeling of incompleteness; we searched farther as we can to figure out what is thing can fill that small hole, which gives big impact to your whole being. There is this one philosopher who stated “All is change. Nothing remains unchanged. There is only one thing that does not change and that is change itself.” –this gives us the idea that we can never anchor peace, hope and contentment in things that are empirical and tangible because at the end of that day, they will all change.

You are the captain of your soul.

Although God already finished your novel-like-life he didn’t publish it yet cause He left the privilege of  “choosing” on us. He gave us freedom and free will to make choices, to dream dreams and to design our own path. 

No to isolation

I read an experiment about isolation where in the individual was isolated to all stimulus that could get his attention. The experimenter’s tries to figure out if the subject could sit for whole day without talking to other people or even to himself. Imagine yourself sitting alone doing nothing, talking to no one for the whole day, or even for the rest of your life. Hard, isn’t it?

“No man is an island”, even introverts will agree on this!

Explore your interests

From interests to hobbies to talents to abilities and to money!

Time machine is not yet invented so don’t live with regrets.

Short but it explains everything.